SM2M 訊息轉送Mail
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SM2M 訊息轉送Mail Apk 1.0.002

Tools, Tang唐
SM2M 訊息轉送Mail
SM2M 訊息轉送Mail
SM2M 訊息轉送Mail
SM2M 訊息轉送Mail

Download SM2M 訊息轉送Mail

SM2M 訊息轉送Mail is a free TOOLS Apps, the latest version of SM2M 訊息轉送Mail is 1.0.002, this Apps got 0 stars on Google Play Store with -1 ratings and 1 – 5 installations. SM2M 訊息轉送Mail developed by Tang唐 with the 0.5634765625MB of file size. You can download SM2M 訊息轉送Mail apk from the download link above or download directly from Google Play

**Notice: This app content rating for Everyone, requires Android 2.2 and up and does not contain In-App Purchases

SM2M 訊息轉送Mail requires 3 permissions while installing, so please read the permission table list below for more detail

SM2M 訊息轉送Mail Descriptions

◎ 手機必須保持開機狀態。
◎ 手機必須在有網路連線的狀態,才會進行轉送。
◎ 網路費用,依Wifi或各業者收費方式計價。
◎ 依手機OS版本各有所不同,所以請於設定後,試撥電話確認是否成功設定。

SM2M 訊息轉送Mail Apk Permissions List

Permissions Permissions Description
READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS) Allows the app to read sms messages stored on your device or sim card. This allows the app to read all sms messages, regardless of content or confidentiality
RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES (SMS) Allows the app to receive and process sms messages. This means the app could monitor or delete messages sent to your device without showing them to you
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